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This is a Bleach-based Mmorpg
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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Sat May 16, 2009 10:53 pm

People who do not respect these rules will be severely punished.

-The staff is king, all decisions are thought of and will not be the objects of debates. If you think that your sanction is too high, send an PM to an admin.

- You must present yourself before you start posting.

-We do not tolerate ''chat'' language on the forum and on the game. Please make an effort while speaking to a fellow player or especially to an admin/moderator.

-The admins and the moderators aren't there to do the police. Please resolve and problem you have with a fellow player using the PM fonction (don't argue on the forum). If you're problem gets out of hand, please contact and admin/moderator.

-It is forbidden to do promo for a website without the autorisation of an Admin.

-It is forbidden to flood spells or dialogues. (don't use any spell 1 000 000 000 tmes in a row and don't post stuff like :

-It is forbidden to beg an Administrator/Moderator for levels, items, teleportation...
The player who does it will suffer any punishment that the Admin/Moderator decides.

-Your Account is under your responsability. Administrators/Moderators will not intervere during scams (stolen items and all) and messed up trades except if you have what WE consider a undeniable proof that a certain player has scamed you.

- The Double account is forbidden! On the game like on the forum. Remember that the Admins can track your IP and IP-ban you so you can't create no more Account on the game and on the forum.

- Never give your password to anyone! Not even to a Staff member!

- Keeping a map (most likely a good experience map...) to yourself and forbiddening it's acces to other players will be followed by a warning. Be kind with other players, they're also here to have fun. Oh, and remember that 3 warnings = Ban.

- It is forbidden to posses a porno/racist/mean/provoquing/etc avatar.

- It is forbidden to talk about stuff that encourages violence or racist/religious/etc hate.

- It is forbidden to discuss about hacking (any kind of hacking, cracking, P2P, phreaking, etc.)

- Some groups will recure a specific amount of message before you can post your application.
Posting many useless messages, double posting, bringing up old topics for no reason will be severely punished.

- Watch for the dimensions of you signature! If it is too big (that goes for the avatar to) and remodelises the forums in wich you post, it will be deleted. (the best dimensions are probably around 420x140)

It is the player's responsability to read and respect those rules!

Any non-respect of these rules will be followed by a warning, and remember, once again, that 3 warnings = ban. It also means we will delete your account without no chance of getting it back. (don't beg or stuff, once we delete it, it's like we put in the the bin and pressed the clear bin button Wink )
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Forum rules
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