The World of Bleach

This is a Bleach-based Mmorpg
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 [The World Of Bleach] About the World of Bleach

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PostSubject: [The World Of Bleach] About the World of Bleach   Tue May 19, 2009 3:11 am

About us ?

We're fans of bleach who've decided to create an mmorpg based on it! The Demo of the mmorpg is already done made, but we have to translate it in other langage, because the game first started as a french game and we later on decided to make it English and eventually other languages.

The Game:

You can choose different races: Shinigami, hollow, Quincy, Vaizard and Bounto. You have to increase your level if you want to become an Arrankar (lvl 800 of 1000)

Everybody can have his own character in game.
Exemple : I wanna have Kurosaki Ichigo, if I have it, nobody can have it. This means you can have you're own character with your own appearence (sprite) This means no one else will look like you.

A lots of tournaments will be organised ! with other countries ! like French players, Italian Players, etc.

Enjoy !

A Video of The First Version of the game (v1.0)[not the Demo]

Some screens :


Hueco Mundo:


By the way, you may happen to take a look at the french forum and find the Demo, be sure to know that the graphics in the real game are 100 times better than in the Demo Wink.

Enjoy !

WoB. Very Happy
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[The World Of Bleach] About the World of Bleach
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